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Bannerman Family Celebration Services is a Recreation, Folk Dance, and Worship resource, that is a part of the talents and mission of the Glenn Bannerman Family. Glenn and Evelyn Bannerman have traveled nationally and internationally, providing leadership for family based recreation services that are intergenerational and that "celebrate the love of God for all humankind". This mission is shared by the extended Bannerman Family, including their sons and daughters with their spouses and children.

Bannerman Family Celebration Services was formed after Glenn retired in 1989 as Professor of Recreation and Outdoor Education, from the Presbyterian School of Christian Education (PSCE) in Richmond, Virginia.

 The couple now resides in Black Mountain, North Carolina and offers recreation and worship leadership for many applications. Glenn is a renown caller of Big Circle Mountain Dances and has headed up the family dance team who perform as cloggers (a traditional Appalachian tap dance) and smooth dancers.

 He is known nationwide as a dance teacher and leader. He currently serves on the Folk Heritage Committee in Asheville, NC which maintains the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival and Shindig on the Green performances. Glenn, Evelyn, Beth and Megan are also involved in the leadership roles at many conferences: ARW annually as well as events nationwide such as Triennium and Faith in 3D. Follow the links to learn more.

The Bannerman Family can provide many services for intergenerational recreation for people of all ages and abilities, church family retreats, leadership training events, International folk and American novelty dancing, special recreation events, games, storytelling, and creative nylon hose play (a low cost recycled recreational resource for church, school and other recreation leaders). 

The family has also operated the Thanksgiving Folk Dance Camp for over forty years and provides an unique holiday weekend of recreation, dance and family activities in a beautiful mountain environment.


E-mail  thebannermans@gmail.com

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